Steuerung von Lärm und Vibrationen
Self-balancing ball rings

Self balancing rings are able to reduce or eliminate the vibrations of rotors working in super-critical conditions.

Eidos Engineering has designed self balancing rings for high capacity centrifugal systems, using steel balls and high density fluids like balancing media.

In case of steel balls, the system consists of an empty ring rigidly fixed to the rotor with a certain number of free balls inside it. In super critical conditions, the inertia forces drive the heavy balls in phase opposition respect to the unbalance reducing its effect.









Example of rotor with a self balancing ring and application to a washing machine.
The green sphere inside the rotor simulates a certain static unbalance. The yellow balls are free to move inside the ring.














The balancing properties of the system depends on the balls dimension and number.
It's important to find out the correct balancing effect by keeping under control the total weight of the system. Complex analysis are necessary to define the right compromise between total weight and balancing effect.








The figure shows the balancing effect of the ring versus number and radius of balls.



The self balancing rings are frequently used in washing machines and electric hand tools.
They can found use in all rotating systems working in super-critical conditions.


Steuerung von Lärm und Vibrationen:

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