Nowadays, with the strong technical development of many emergent companies, it becomes more and more important to introduce innovative design aspects in order to improve the product quality.

On the market there are many CAE software experts but not the same number of experts in project management.

Companies need experts able to lead a project every different development phase.

The true design must start from a careful observation of all project aspects; this becomes possible through a close cooperation with the customer since the initial design phases.


By the customer's requirement comprehension, the problem in-depth analysis, the research for new solutions and the careful organization of the activities, Eidos Engineering is able to supply high efficiency solutions.

The tools

Numerical analysis and modeling


Experimental analysis

  • 16-channel analyzer LMS Pimento
  • Piezoelectric Accelerometers
  • Load Cells, pulse hammer
  • Microphones, intensimetric probe
  • Strain gauges

The working method

1) a particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching something;
2) orderliness of thought or behaviour. – origin ME: via L. from Gk methodos ‘pursuit of knowledge’, from meta- (expressing development) + hodos ‘way’.


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