Mass Damper - Vibration Absorber



A mass damper is a vibration absorber able to attenuate the vibrations of a structure or a machinery thanks to a synergistic interaction of different physical phenomena.
The mass damper, in fact, is a seismic mass fixed to the structure to damp by viscoelastic supports. Such supports acts on the structure with elastic and damping forces contemporary.
Therefore, by a mass damper it's possible to increase the global damping of the system without the necessity to modify the mechanical structure or the constraints configuration of the system.
Considering standard structures damping, the application of a mass damper performs a vibration attenuation greater than 60%.
To obtain these results, the mass damper and its supports must be correctly calculated and selected for a well defined application.
Eidos Engineering designs and furnishes mass dampers for any type of industrial machinery and application.


Fields of application

  • Household appliances
  • Civil and industrial vehicles
  • Boats and yachts
  • Tool machines
  • Combustion and electric motors
  • Transmissions and gearboxes
  • Energy generation plants
Case studies

Mass damper for a household appliance. Type EMD3

Mass damper for the attenuation of chatter vibrations in a milling machine.


In the following graph, the experimental frequency response of a machinery with and without mass damper is reported. The vibration reduction is 65%.

Mass Damper selection

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