Systems for noise and vibration control
Mass damper systems (tuned mass damper)

A tuned mass damper consists of an inertial mass fixed to the structure to damp by means of a suspension system with precise elastic and damping properties.

Generally, the suspension system is made by viscoelastic materials presenting variable properties with respect to the working frequency (figure 1).







The figure 1 shows the variation of loss factor versus working frequency for two different materials.

In the figure below, the frequency response of a chassis is shown in different damping configurations. The undamped system shown a pronounced vibration peak (black curve).

The application of a mass damper with viscoelastic suspensions has strongly reduced the vibration amplitude at resonance (fuchsia curve).










Mass damper action with different settings for the viscoelastic suspensions.

Thanks to their simple and cheap definition, mass dampers are widely used in industry, defense, and commercial appliances.
The following pictures illustrate some examples of mass damper applications.



Eidos Engineering has designed a mass damper system for a washing machine of an important firm. The application have strongly reduced the vibrations of the unit in soft floor installations.



Eidos Engineering designs and supplies mass dampers for attenuating vibration in any type of machine. In the case of machine tools, the mass damper developed by Eidos Engineering enable a reduction of vibration greater than 70%.


Systems for noise and vibration control:





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